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Compliance with ISO 27001 statement of applicability 2022 template

Reach ISO 27001 compliance with our ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability 2022 Template. Designed for adaptability and ease of use, this Excel-based tool provides a foundation for documenting and managing your information security controls. It includes a catalog of controls updated to reflect the latest ISO 27001 framework, along with interactive elements and comment sections for a customized fit to your organizational needs. This template is intuitive for users at all levels of Excel proficiency, accelerating the SoA development process and enabling a focus on implementation rather than documentation. It serves as proof of compliance and enhances your ability to manage information security tasks effectively.

ISO Statement of Applicability Template

Our ISO Statement of Applicability Template is a tool for businesses of any size, information security analysts, organizations preparing for audits, or risk management professionals. It provides a structured Excel-based environment for flexible editing, sorting, and filtering of your security controls. The template ensures that documenting your controls is straightforward and manageable, helping to streamline the compliance process. It also serves as a dynamic document that evolves with changes in risks, technologies, and business processes.

ISO 27001 2022 SOA Template

The ISO 27001 2022 SOA Template helps your organization manage information security practices confidently, meet compliance requirements, and secure your information assets effectively. This iso 27001 statement of applicability template is essential for the development of the SoA and should involve the information security management team, department heads, IT professionals, and top management. It ensures that the SoA aligns with the organization’s policies and objectives, providing a framework that is both comprehensive and customizable to adapt as your business evolves.

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