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Acceptable Use Policy Template ISO 27001

This Acceptable Use Policy Template is created to assist organizations in establishing clear, enforceable guidelines for the proper use of their information systems and associated assets. Aligned with the ISO 27001 standard, this template assures that your acceptable use policy covers all necessary bases to protect your data and comply with international security standards.

Why Choose Our Acceptable Use Policy Template?

When it comes to protecting your organization’s information assets, having a robust and comprehensive acceptable use policy (AUP) is of great importance. Our template offers an efficient and effective way to communicate the boundaries of acceptable behavior regarding the use of company resources, including hardware, software, and network facilities.

Key Features:

  • ISO 27001 Compliance: Directly mapped to the requirements of ISO 27001, ensuring that the policy supports your organization’s efforts to meet these international standards.
  • Editable Format: Delivered in Microsoft Word format, our acceptable use policy template word document is fully customizable to suit the specific needs and context of your organization.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes sections on asset management, use standards, security measures, monitoring and enforcement, and more, providing a complete framework for managing and protecting your assets.
  • Clear Guidance: Each section is carefully crafted to guide the users through the specific expectations and responsibilities associated with the use of IT resources, helping to prevent misuse and reduce security risks.


  • Enhanced Security Posture: Establishes clear protocols and boundaries, reducing the risk of security breaches and data loss.
  • Increased Awareness: Helps employees and contractors understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining security, which is crucial for compliance and operational integrity.
  • Ease of Implementation: With its ready-to-use format, the template simplifies the process of developing and implementing an effective AUP, saving time and resources.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports compliance with various regulatory requirements, providing a foundation for audits and assessments that may arise from compliance obligations.

Who Should Buy This Template?

Our Acceptable Use Policy Template is ideal for organizations of any size that are seeking to establish or update their acceptable use guidelines in alignment with ISO 27001 standards. It is particularly beneficial for IT managers, security officers, compliance personnel, and anyone involved in the management of IT assets or security policies.

Assure that all personnel clearly understand their obligations and the acceptable standards of use are clear for your organization’s systems with our acceptable use policy template.

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